About | Lavesh Pillay


Lavesh Pillay is a music producer from South Africa. Coming from a family full of talented musicians, Lavesh developed a love for music at a very young age. Being influenced by his cousins, he decided to start Dj'ing for fun, at family functions and school.

You would find Lavesh mixing till the early hours of the morning hoping to improve on his skills. He started producing music, from the age of 13, but never releasing any of his songs.

During 2016, Lavesh decided to give up DJ'ing to focus on his new found love of photography and work on Punch Records, a label founded by his cousin, Tish Pillay. He now runs the label in conjuction with, another one of his cousins, Manesan Pillay.

Now back with his first release, This Is (feat. Manesan), Lavesh is ready to release many more great songs.